about us

After being up and down were back for good.

In August of 2001, Chris and two friends started a project which involved driving around filming possible haunted locations. In early October of 2001, Tracy joined the group to use his abilities to sense haunted locations and activities. Chris and Tracy decided to take the project outside the car and started doing actual investigations of haunted places. The other two members decided not to participate in the investigations, stating that we were taking it too far. With the group now at two people, we started building a website for our group and the name Ghosts of Idaho was chosen. Dave and Eric were brought on board in November 2001 to document our investigations electronically. Matt was brought on board in August 2002 to assist with documenting the investigations and to research the history of the investigated locations. In 2004 Spencer came on board as the camera man and to help run the tech equipment. In the later part of 2002, due to various life changing events, the members of Ghosts of Idaho decided to end investigations. After losing the domain name for Ghosts of Idaho, it seemed like the site was gone for good. In spring of 2003, after many failed attempts to recover the GhostsofIdaho.org domain, Chris acquired IdahoHauntings in order to continue the large database of information that was collected in the previous few years. As of December of 2012, the GhostsofIdaho.org domain was back in our possession

our vision

Lagest database of paranormal inforamtion.

The main goal of Idaho Hauntings is to have a place for paranormal investigators or ordinary people interested in the paranormal. A place to research, store and share all information related to the paranormal.