Caldwell: Walking Path by Indian Creek

It is said that heard that some walking path by indian creek in caldwell is haunted. Some people say that if you walk there at night you can hear a baby cry in the creek. And also they say that if you decide to walk the path at night sometimes a black dog follows you. I don't know if it's true but I have walked there and you just get a creepy feeling like someone is watching you!

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  • Whitefawn

    Submited on: Sunday 23rd of September 2012 02:55:25 AM

    Native American Indian tradition says that the bodies of water have spirit's inhabit it,only to lure you to your death. I am Shoshone, but all tribes have a story similar to my tribe. We also believe that there are spirits in the woods, that's why tribe >>
  • Patrick

    Submited on: Tuesday 28th of August 2012 08:59:41 PM

    That black that's following you is more then likely my dog. ~ Sorry >>
  • jackie

    Submited on: Tuesday 14th of February 2012 04:20:45 AM

    I have lived in caldwell for 4 years i have walked that path in day lightand at night. Now at night never by myself mainly because that scare me more than anything. Last time i walked down there was in 2009 summer with a thw. Friend. I did not hear a baby >>


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