Boise: The Field

The Field is said to contain unmarked graves and visitors have heard strange laughing at night Local myth says that the skulls of people who were cremated are stored in a boarded up building.

Being part of the team that originally covered "The Field" I feel I need to set a couple of things straight.

1. The graves ARE marked; but the distace between them is too short, so over-lapped graves. 2. The "building" is the Aclesa Funeral Home/Cremetory. Yes bones and un-incinerated remains do exist. 3. EVP was high and clear. 4. Voices have been heard, roughly 4 a.m. quiet (as can be expected in boise) childrens laughing was heard, but there were no children to be found.

Also: The 'new' team and I are going to check out the ORIGINAL location of the Cottonwood Cemetary. It was there from 1864-1903. We almost hope to find the infamous "hatchet man." Who, according to 'myth' killed & buried natives near there until finally being killed in 1860 and buried near his 'grave sites' we'll let you know more after the hunt.

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  • beth

    Submited on: Wednesday 25th of July 2012 08:30:32 AM

    do the curtains move >>
  • Gaz

    Submited on: Saturday 16th of June 2012 01:24:37 PM

    I believe it's behind That strip mall (, Little Caesars etc). if you drive into the Barnes & Noble parking lot and drive to the left of the store, I think you can drive back there and there's the field. I tried this once, heard nothing b >>
  • Shelby

    Submited on: Tuesday 5th of June 2012 03:07:20 PM

    Where is this field located? >>


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