Hansen: Stricker Ranch

Stricker Ranch is located along the Oregon Trail. A small cemetery is located in the middle of a field. People have reported seeing people running through the field in the middle of the night. People have reported doors opening and lights flickering in a nearby empty cabin.

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  • Tanner

    Submited on: Thursday 7th of May 2015 12:33:11 PM

    I went to Stricker's ranch last year with some friends as a joking follow-up trip since my school takes a trip there in the 5th grade, and we remembered the "hauntings" the tour told us abo >>
  • Sammi

    Submited on: Wednesday 24th of April 2013 05:26:30 PM

    This place is really cool. My grandpa was born and raised on the Stricker Ranch. Last Summer, I went to visit it with him and it was very cool. Seeing the old buildings and everything was great! :) >>


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