Idaho Falls: Rose Hill Cemetery Tomb

It is rumored that if you knock on this large above ground tomb, that the inhabitant will knock back at you.

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  • Mikayla

    Submited on: Thursday 30th of September 2010 08:22:18 PM

    There is a gravestone in rose hill that is for a mary luburt and a Kristin Kuburt >>
  • someone

    Submited on: Monday 20th of September 2010 04:17:09 AM

    I was there visiting a family members grave when I left I looked in my mirror >>
  • Judy

    Submited on: Sunday 11th of July 2010 03:24:45 PM

    I've heard the stories about the Rogers Logan mausoleum and have tried the knocking >>
  • Crysta

    Submited on: Monday 21st of September 2009 07:06:54 PM

    The large ground tomb is bunk, it would "knock back" because of an echo. >>


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Photo of the tomb that has lead to the legend.
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