Potlatch: Potlatch Ghost

The spirit of an old women is seen walking in the park and around town lost in the middle of the night. Local story tells of an old woman who was declared missing in the early 1990s and with the aid of a physic was later found dead outside of town.

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  • simplyshandi

    Submited on: Friday 25th of March 2011 03:27:49 AM

    I just went ghost hunting there...would like to know more to the store.... >>
  • SpookyGurl

    Submited on: Sunday 31st of October 2010 02:14:33 AM

    I was in 3rd grade when this happend. still to this day no one knows why someone would kill her, a few towns away another woman by the same name was killed So long story short some one f'ed up and wacked the wrong chick, anyways they found bloody bed shee >>


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