Post Falls: Unknown House

In the 70's, the owner of the house kidnapped and murdered some children and buried their bodies on the property. He then hung himself in a small room upstairs. His evil presence can still be felt and sometimes the presences of what may be the small children can be felt as well.

Not Researched


  • bbb

    Submited on: Saturday 17th of March 2018 08:35:51 AM

    where is it...... i dont know >>
  • James

    Submited on: Saturday 24th of November 2012 04:05:36 PM

    Any info on the name of the murderer, and when the murders happened? Post Falls and Cd'A are small enough - and were a LOT smaller in the 70's - and something like this would have been BIG news. So, if it's a true story, there should be extensive coverage >>
  • Morgen

    Submited on: Sunday 11th of November 2012 12:21:20 AM

    Whats the address to the house? Please email. [email protected] >>
  • Apparitions Paranormal Investigation Group

    Submited on: Tuesday 11th of September 2012 07:06:57 PM

    I'm Marc Mason, and I'm with Apparitions Paranormal Investigation Group in Boise, Idaho. Our team is more then willing to travil to Post Falls, Idaho and open an investigation. Call us to day at 208-378-9320 or visit our webpage at >>
  • Josh Hartwig

    Submited on: Wednesday 5th of September 2012 04:30:46 AM

    Im a delivery driver in post falls. Anybody know anything else with hauntings give me a call or text. 208 618 9464. >>
  • ghost hunter1

    Submited on: Friday 13th of July 2012 06:03:30 PM

    im wandering if anyone has a item from someone inthe past somewhere whos past away and later that night saw the person who love that item . please message me at [email protected] thank you som much if you did. :]\ >>
  • Nick2001

    Submited on: Monday 7th of March 2011 08:22:13 PM

    me and my freinds were building a hide out by a river and we found some old ladders and barbbed wire and we heard little kids scream or something and we heard a rlly loud buzzing noise and my freind almost fell off the side off the hill twice in the same >>
  • Lynz

    Submited on: Wednesday 11th of August 2010 03:05:44 PM

    Hello, I wanted some information on the location of this haunting. I would love to check it out! If anyone knows (specifically if you can tell me where exactly you've had you're experiences Krazee J.)e-mail me! [email protected] >>
  • Zeb

    Submited on: Sunday 4th of July 2010 11:24:58 AM

    I don't know if it's the same house but my brother and I lived in a house on Ponderosa Dr where we would see a figure standing over us in the middle of the night. My brother actually saw a full figure standing in our bathroom in the middle of the day and >>
  • Krazee J

    Submited on: Sunday 10th of May 2009 11:55:08 PM

    I know this place I have been there alot and I have seen the man in full form along with images and voices of children crying ""HELP ME"" along with unknown forms 10 to 15 tall chasing us through the property if anybody has any articles on the man or hous >>


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