Pocatello: High School

Story 1:The story is that a girl committed suicide somewhere around the 40's or 50's. The girl hung herself from a locker on the top floor of the school. The girl had always worn a particular perfume, and after her death, the smell of perfume was still present in her locker. It began to disturb students so much that the administration removed the locker and put in a new one. Sometimes on quiet nights in the school, janitors can still get a strong hint of her perfume.

Story 2:Late at night, people in the south building can sometimes hear sounds of a piano playing in the auditorium and upon investigation, nobody can be found in the auditorium.

Story 3:Another mystery of Pocatello High involves a human skeleton that was once used for science classes before plastic skeletons were used. When the school bought some new skeletons and put the old skeleton away, bones of the old skeleton started appearing in strange places. Some teachers find remains of the old skeleton tucked back in their rooms and in their classroom closet.

Story 4:Another mystery of Pocatello High is an unexplained alarm that goes off around midnight. It only lasts for about 30 seconds. It is located near the old gymnasium. Janitors and teachers have unsuccessfully pinpointed the origination of the alarm.

Story 5:This last summer (summer of 2009) My friend, her twin, her twin\'s friend, my friend\'s mom and I were going around looking at all three of the high schools. The day we visited Poky was one of the creepiest days of my summer vacation. We all slowly walked around the buildings at first. My friend and I had heard many ghost stories of PHS, which made us REALLY want to go visit it. When we finally found the door that would allow us in, we walked in the main building. It was chilly in there, and their were painters re-painting the wall. They welcomed us as we began our little field trip. Wow, just looking at all of the pictures on the walls of former students, made my friend and I kind of feel an un-normal feeling. We slowly made our way through the hallways looking around for anything unusual. We have heard the stories of the girl who hung herself and many of the others before, which now we believe are true. We walked back to the main entrance, and the radio that the painters had playing (painters took a break or something and left the radio playing) started switching stations rapidly which isn't very normal we thought. One thing we did notice for sure is at the same time all of us, including my friends mom, started feeling as if someone was squeezing our heads right on our temples really hard, same around our necks except around our necks, it was like someone with a cold hand was doing it. "Do you feel that?" I asked. "What the squeezing?" my friend said. "Yes." as we got closer to the top floor, I began to feel as if I couldn't breathe very well, and we all had really bad head aches.

Another paranormal-ish thing that happened was about a year or two ago. My mom and I were going to pick up my dad, we stopped in front of PHS. "Do you see that?" my mom asked me. I then looked up and in the library saw a boy who looked dead but beaten really bad.

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  • Anonymous

    Submited on: Sunday 25th of August 2019 07:24:02 AM

    First, please don't say "I'm a student at this school" or "I used to go to this school" and misspell half of your paragraph. But second, there was never a pool there. Research an >>
  • Anonymous

    Submited on: Saturday 26th of August 2017 09:24:28 PM

    I don't personally believe in hauntings. I do believe in spirits that are around us tho. Anyway it was my sophomore year and my tennis team was getting back from a match that was a few hours away. So >>
  • Leah

    Submited on: Saturday 14th of May 2016 01:50:07 PM

    Hone >>
  • Ononimous

    Submited on: Saturday 10th of October 2015 01:59:05 PM

    I go to that school I am a sop >>
  • Hannah

    Submited on: Saturday 18th of April 2015 02:10:05 PM

    My friend claims that her house is haunted. When they first moved in, she and her dad were clearing out some boxes in the basement left by the previous residents. Inside one box, she says that she fou >>
  • kayla

    Submited on: Wednesday 19th of September 2012 04:40:56 AM

    the pool was taken out years ago that gym that it was in is now used as a storage room i went to pocatello high my freshman year and i was put in drama class because the other classes were full in our first week we were given a tour of the auditorium and >>
  • Chrissy

    Submited on: Wednesday 21st of March 2012 09:53:50 AM

    I\'ve heard that there is a pool under the gym that is hunted. I\'ve heard that it\'s not used anymore. But on every Halloween night that the pool will open up under the gym floor and that the pool will be filled the blood. How creepy and crazy is t >>
  • Sam

    Submited on: Friday 5th of August 2011 05:28:48 PM

    I'm a senior at Poky. I have went there my whole high school life. My second year there I was headed to the Choir room. You have to pass the auditorium to get to the choir room. Well as I was walking I happened to look down the stairs and I saw a girl sta >>
  • ononomis

    Submited on: Sunday 5th of June 2011 10:22:15 PM

    I have always been expericancing ghost apperances since I was little i will visit the school and see for myself beacause I am a ghost wisperer. BTW my friend Mariela Hernandez was in the corner rocking back and forth scared shitless. and her sis ivana was >>
  • [email protected]/0r

    Submited on: Tuesday 22nd of March 2011 08:14:10 PM

    This stuff is just too crazy for me to handle! It makes me want to go to this high school even more! I'm SO excited. I will believe all these stories when i see them. The perfume one seems the most realistic i don't know about the alarm because I'm pre >>


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