Boise: Old Idaho Penitentiary

Visitors have reported a strong feeling of uneasiness and an unexplained presence. There is a report of a room with no light source having flashing lights in it.

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  • Idaho Haunings

    Submited on: Thursday 1st of November 2012 12:35:47 PM

    I you want we would love to post it to the story for all to see. Just send it to [email protected] - Chris >>
  • david and wendy

    Submited on: Wednesday 31st of October 2012 06:56:44 PM

    Me and my wife went to to the prison last year and were taking pictures with our cell phones and we were in the woman's cells and one of the pictures she took had a clear image of a girl with her head peeking out from underneath one of the cell beds. >>
  • shane

    Submited on: Saturday 1st of September 2012 03:24:36 AM

    i went to the prison last year i was in siberia in the open cell nobody else was in tha area i was doing an evp session and i was asking if theire was any body their with me and in mid sentence their was a loud cell door slam that you can here on the reco >>
  • sydney

    Submited on: Sunday 5th of April 2009 04:27:45 PM

    i went there during my spring break and took two pictures of the gallows, in one picture it is fine, but in the other picture there is about 7 orbs and a orangeish colored flash of light near the opening of the gallow, and there was no light there at all. >>


Audio, Video and Photo's that had been submitted by users

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Picture 01

Taken at the same night and Not sure what this is as it was raining too...
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Picture 02

Went there for the frightened felons event last night and had a really uneasy, heavy feeling at the hanging room. I felt worse when we got down at the drop off room. I was trying to get a photo of the door then I saw in my camera screen a red light moving in different directions. I looked at the spot where the light was, I didn't see anything. I looked at the screen again and there i saw the same moving light, so I snapped a photo this is what I caught. I definitely don't think that was a reflection from the red bulb.
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