Coeur d'Alene: Northern Idaho College

Ghost sightings have been reported in Boswell Hall and in the Auditorium. The spirit of a man in full Civil War uniform is seen and heard walking the halls of each location. When the spirit is seen walking a hall that has a bend or curve to it..the spirit walks in a straight line leading through the wall...his foot steps can still be heard after entering the wall.

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  • Anonymous

    Submited on: Sunday 19th of September 2021 01:57:32 AM

    My roommate and I moved into the short hall of the 2nd floor at the beginning of the fall semester about a month ago. (august 2021)At first I didn’t notice anything weird about the energy here, unti >>
  • EF

    Submited on: Thursday 1st of April 2021 08:57:37 PM

    Specifically to AL in the comments who posted on Nov 2019 - I can confirm that floor was haunted as hell. I was a freshmen living on the second floor right next door to the Rec room. We found out that >>
  • Al

    Submited on: Thursday 28th of November 2019 10:43:02 PM

    Recently, my roomate and I on the second floor have heard ghost stories about the dorms and I’ve felt weird at night like something was in the room when my roomate was sleeping. I’ve heard noises >>
  • Sydney

    Submited on: Monday 14th of October 2013 04:27:04 PM

    I live in the dorms at NIC and it has been reported that a young girl killed herself on the third floor. and while me and my roommates live on the second floor we still feel as though our dorm is haun >>
  • ABOM

    Submited on: Wednesday 15th of August 2012 11:44:29 PM

    I was a music student at NIC, so therefore spent a lot of time in Boswell Hall. Many long nights practicing alone, studying and of course dozing. (Just Kidding) I had heard of this story many times before I was even a student at NIC and was excited to be >>
  • Ayodeji

    Submited on: Saturday 21st of April 2012 05:03:23 AM

    Most markets cycle and this one too shall nobeurd. It ends up being just supply and demand. Right now demand is nobeurding slighty which in turn should reduce supply and provide for some price stabilization down the road. Some roadblocks that could derail >>
  • UK

    Submited on: Tuesday 15th of November 2011 12:49:31 AM

    I have been on this campus for almost 15 years. Many experiences support this. However, other buildings may be more active, as TVs have turned on by themselves, heard heavy footsteps, electronics turn on by themselves, objects have flown across the room a >>
  • BD

    Submited on: Thursday 10th of November 2011 02:42:58 PM

    I had a similar experience. It was spring 2010 and I was surfing the net on the wireless at a table upstairs next to the elevators near the front side of building. The building was very empty and quiet as it was spring break. I briefly looked up from my c >>
  • Belle

    Submited on: Monday 7th of March 2011 12:51:37 PM

    I haven't seen anything, but my anthropology teacher told us that the campus is haunted. That makes sense with Fort Sherman and the fact that it was built on top of a Native American historical site... >>
  • James

    Submited on: Friday 1st of October 2010 12:31:35 AM

    ""Why would he be in civil war attire???"" From the days when the NIC campus was the site of Ft. Sherman. Would have been after the Civil War, but the uniforms were the same for quite some time. >>


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