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Lapwai: Nez Perce Tribe Headstart Program

This area was once called Ft. Lapwai. The buildings on this football size location have now been remodeled and are now used as head start classrooms. Janitors and teachers have reported objects being relocated, rocking chairs moving without anyone touching them and unexplained lights.

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  • pam

    Submited on: Saturday 11th of August 2012 12:10:55 AM

    I live in lapwai, and have a son who spent two years in their headstart program and the building. No one I have talked to, parents,teachers, janitors have even heard of the headstart being haunted,sorry! >>
  • Sam

    Submited on: Saturday 23rd of June 2012 03:46:06 AM

    I have entered the building with my brother and a couple other friends in complete darkness. While at the headstart we captured great recordings of voices saying leave and get out! We also caught a picture of a white apparition in the window walking! The >>


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