Moscow: High School

The rumors that a girl died of Typhus on the school grounds after school was let out in 1942. She collapsed in the outdoor commons and died of fever shortly after the nurse was called over.

There weren't any strange happenings until a friend of mine claims to have seen a strange figure standing near the central staircase in the outdoor commons. Upon looking at older pictures of Moscow high school we found an image(attached in email), that appears to have a young woman wearing a dark dress standing on the hill. This matches my friend's description of the girl fairly well. Not only that but I've been hearing sounds of coughing and felt feverish when I'm alone in the girls locker room. I don't know if it's just my imagination but it happened for a third time about a week ago. One of my acquaintances who cleans up after class has felt like someone was watching her whenever she puts away the equipment by herself. The last and most recent incident is was when a freshman reportedly saw an apparition in room 400 (a more secluded room above/behind the auditorium), but it didn't match the description of the previously seen girl.

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Old Photo 01

Old photo found that has a girl in the photo. The image of the girl was found by the freind that saw the apparition. She says the girl in the picture looks just like the apparition.

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