Malad City: Rest Area

More than just restrooms and travel information welcomes you at this rest area. Lone visitors after dark have felt a strong presence that greets them the second they walk through the door. The visitor then feels that they are followed everywhere they go inside the main building.

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  • Submitted by:

    Submited on: Saturday 13th of October 2012 02:10:32 PM

    That happened to me when iwas comin from salt lake city utah. I was gong to fall asleep in the car but when i wanted to wake up i counldnt it was like somebody was controlling me it ead spooky >>
  • Jack

    Submited on: Friday 4th of September 2009 05:17:48 AM

    I have stopped there many times since my job required me to travel through there quite a bit on my way to Salt Lake City. In the daytime it is rather unremarkable. At night it is a whole other matter. I don't like going in there at night, especially into >>


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