Island Park: Macks Inn

Winter of '96, I was one of the cooks at Mac's Inn. After starting work there, I was told that the previous owner (Barry if I remember right) died of a heart attack in the upstairs apartment. He and his wife had had the restaurant for about 5 years, and loved the place. Well, he is still there. I saw him a couple of times in the kitchen, and an occasional cold spot. He would only appear when there were only a couple of people in the building. Well, one Sunday morning I was cooking for this family of five, and just taken down a bowl, secured the bowls (they would vibrate off the shelf from walking) and went into the dining room to deliver the oatmeal. There was only the six of us in the restaurant. I had just set the bowl on the table, when we all just about jumped out of our skins from a crash in the kitchen. Two bowls had fallen off the shelf, and on hit the floor and broke. He didn't like me working Sundays (he was devout Mormon) and would appear most on Sundays. Being the only non-Mormon, I got Sunday until 2pm by myself, and frequently "felt" his presence. I never got a bad feeling from him, he just liked to give me a hard time.

NOTE: The story was submitted by e-mail. We have since received and update that the previous owners name was Dean.

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  • Talisha Lowry

    Submited on: Wednesday 23rd of March 2011 05:50:49 PM

    I'm going to Island Park this weekend. I'm gonna check this out!!! >>


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