Payette National Forest: Loon Creek

Loon Creek is north of McCall, Idaho in Payette National Forest and spans for about 15 miles. It is rumored that the ghost of Manuel Sato haunts the hills around Loon Creek because a robber stabbed him to death while he was cooking breakfast while on a camping trip.
Due to the limited information and references to the haunting and only one reference to the ghosts being Manuel Sato, it is hard to confirm why or if he really haunts the Loon Creek area.


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  • CG

    Submited on: Wednesday 5th of June 2013 02:19:53 PM

    I spent a good bit of my childhood in McCall, and I have had some terrifying experiences there as a child. as did both of my wives as young teenagers, they both, and myself, had somewhat similiar exp >>
  • Jessi

    Submited on: Sunday 21st of October 2012 05:38:05 PM

    Yesterday I visited the old Payette lakes hotel with my friend & sister & experienced some pretty messed up stuff. After we left the realtor shut off the breaker , so there was no way electricity could get to the building & that night we went back & saw e >>
  • Laury

    Submited on: Saturday 21st of April 2012 12:41:06 PM

    Justin - Hey Fritz, I just wanted to thank you once again for mciong out and spending the day with Katie and I. We had a blast with both you and Mia. I hope you both had a wonderful time as well.The pictures are amazing, and are exactly what we were looki >>
  • Matt

    Submited on: Sunday 4th of March 2012 10:46:53 PM

    The hotel is just up warren wagon road. It isn't across from Lardo's. I haven't ever seen anything in it but just being up there is creepy. I think there is a sign on the road that says ""Payette Lakes Hotel for sale"" or something like that. You can just >>
  • justin

    Submited on: Friday 13th of January 2012 09:32:47 PM

    #1 brothel and whore house is the same thing..... #2 where is this place at? the only hotel i can think of across from lardos or in the area is the shore lodge and its reletivly new..... if anyone knows of any \"haunted\" places near mccall or cascade l >>
  • bama fan

    Submited on: Tuesday 16th of November 2010 03:57:57 PM

    Im not sure about this account but a friend and I had a paranormal experience in the Loon Lake area which Im not sure if Loon creek is what feeds into the lake. It wasn't something that could be hoaxed even if somebody wanted to. It was on the way back fr >>
  • ::::::::132 ashley

    Submited on: Tuesday 5th of October 2010 10:30:40 AM

    i have lived here all my life as well and not once have i heard of this story, but there is one place in mccall that is for sure haunted. its an old hotel that that is up on warren wagon road across from lardo's. it is rumered that when you look into one >>
  • P.P

    Submited on: Tuesday 12th of May 2009 05:13:20 AM

    I have lived here all my life born and raised and have camped there and road horse's there and NEVER EVER HAVE I SEEN NOR EVER HEARD OF A GHOST THERE. WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO THINKS THEY SAW A GHOST THERE. I BELIEVE IN THEM BUT WHAT DID THEY SEE THIS PERSO >>


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