Lewiston: Lewiston Civic Theater

It is said that two girls were murdered in the this theater which was once a church. That night, the janitor disappeared and has not been seen since. People have reported seeing one of the girls walking up the stairs. People have also reported seeing the spirit of a woman who was left at the altar when it was a church. She can be see roaming through the seats crying.

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  • Salim

    Submited on: Saturday 21st of April 2012 07:50:47 AM

    Hey, want to talk about street clsniog, Adams Street just north of Western has had one lane the curb lane closed for a couple of months now. The building on the east side of the street is losing its brick facade at the top, it's a three story building, th >>
  • oo

    Submited on: Wednesday 11th of August 2010 05:14:42 PM

    my cousin lives across the street from the clivic theater and we herd about the happings there so we go over and after a couple of minute my cousin hears a bell ring i didnt here it but there was a bride that died there so after my cousin hears the church >>
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    I have performed at the Lewiston Civic Theatre and can attest to the fact that the lights definitely go off and on. This wouldnt seem substantial evidence except for the fact that the light switches are very old and difficult for a human to turn on and of >>


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