Spirit Lake: Kanishee Spirit

Kanishee, a young girl in a white dress with long black hair, is seen in a canoe on top of the water. When the canoe is approached, it disappears.

The following information was found in an article done on 11/2/2002 by Tom Skierka of the Spokesman-Review.

One of the most common ghost stories involves the long-held legend of Spirit Lake.
It tells the story of Hyas-Tyee-Skookum-Tum-Tum (Good Chieftains) of the Kootenai Tribe, who had a lovely daughter, Hya-Pam (Fearless Running Water). She loved a Kootenai brave, Hasht-Eel-Ame-Hoom (Shining Eagle). Hostile tribes lived east of here, governed by an ancient chief, Pu-Pu-Mox-Mox (Yellow Serpent). He threatened war on the tribe if he was not allowed to wed Hya-Pam. To avert war, Hya-Pam's father consented to the marriage.
Here is where the alternative endings enter. One ending says Fearless Running Water and Shining Eagle were dismayed and vowed eternal love. They bound themselves together and leapt into the lake from Suicide Cliff, never to be found.
Another ending, according to the documentary "Spirit of The Lakes," says Shining Eagle snuck into the hostile tribe's camp and slit Yellow Serpent's throat. He and Fearless Running Water escaped by canoe and crossed the lake. Yellow Serpent's tribe fired several arrows at the canoe and in the morning the lovers were found dead inside the canoe, struck by several arrows.
A third has the lovers swimming in the moonlight to escape never to be seen again. The last has Fearless Running Water throwing herself from the canoe after learning that Shining Eagle was captured in his murderous attempt and slain.
All the legends, however, have the same conclusion. On a moonlit night, when the wind is still, you may see the shadowy silhouettes as they drift across the lake in a phantom canoe.
As the lake ice floes melt and grind together in springtime, mournful and haunting sounds can be heard

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  • Tom SKierka

    Submited on: Friday 7th of May 2010 09:10:44 PM

    Interesting...I didn't know you folks posted my story. Nice. There is another couple of stories I did about hauntings in Idaho. One is in Hayden at a bed and breakfast where we had amazing results and readings (flower vase on table actually turned in fro >>


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