Idaho Falls: Juvenile Detention Center 3B

On many occasions, a black shadow has followed employees and officers while patrolling the building. Other witnesses say that after they see the ghost pass through the hall and disappear, they then see another ghost peer through a window.

UPDATED 10/23/2003

Some boys were doing laundry. They left to help mop the cafeteria and returned after some time and found the laundry was removed from the dryer and folded. The same night an officer saw a door open. When he went to close it, it started to shut on its own. The officer went to stop it but when he got close it closed more and when the officer went to reach for the door, it slammed shut. When the officer checked behind the door to see who was playing around, the room was empty.

NOTE: These stories are brought to us by officers and other employees of the detention center and have been seen by more than one person at a time.

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  • Joshua Morgan

    Submited on: Thursday 11th of October 2012 05:24:34 AM

    this isn't very factual, i have been in this detention center multiple times, actually my whole life. i personally haven't seen or experiance paranormal activity. but with an open mind, it makes sense. >>
  • KG

    Submited on: Tuesday 7th of August 2012 07:46:43 PM

    My brother was in 3-B for one year and he never mentioned anything like this, but I will for sure ask him about it >>
  • Jay

    Submited on: Friday 28th of January 2011 08:08:23 AM

    There is no chow hall. We ate on the block floor. They rolled out the tables and the girls sat at one while the men at the other. Also, programmers are the ones doing laundry (if at all)and that's in a back room by visitation. >>
  • kristina

    Submited on: Tuesday 9th of November 2010 08:09:31 PM

    3-B have a cafeteria/reck hall/ chaple they are all in one room and thats in the middle of the cell area. The kids that have been senteced or whatever,that stay there and then go straight to bonevile county when they turn 18 and stay there till other wise >>
  • IFresident

    Submited on: Sunday 3rd of October 2010 10:10:29 AM

    by cafeteria I'm assuming they meant where the kids eat. There is a place with table/benches where thy eat. And some of the kids do help with laundry as well as many other get your story correct!!! ;) >>
  • Nellie

    Submited on: Thursday 29th of July 2010 06:39:27 PM

    There is no cafeteria in 3-B...nor do the kids do laundry. Get your story correct >>


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