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It is said that one of the rooms in the Jameson Hotel is haunted by a ghost named Maggie. Maggie was a frequent guest at the hotel in the late 1800s.. One day, her beloved left to go east, and promised to return to her. He never returned, but they say that she waited for him up until her death. In the room where she stayed, there have been certain unexplained phenomena, such as objects being moved, sinks turning on by themselves, doors locking and unlocking, etc

UPDATED 10/21/03
NOTE: The following story is posted from an e-mail. Reading the story of the Jamison hotel brought back some memories from my childhood. I used to attend a churchcamp outside of Sun Valley by the name of Cathedral Pines and the same ghost story came up there every year, the tale of "Maggie".
I wonder now if it may have come at least partly from the Northern Idaho story.
The story, as best as I can recall, involved a dark haired middle aged woman by the name of Maggie. She supposedly had murdered a child that she was babysitting. The crime was so heinus that she had to be transported to Boise for trial, and the route that the police took her through happened to pass through Sun Valley. She managed to escape into the woods where her body was later found. If I remember right, she had died from exposure and was found in a creek bed. Other campers claimed that you could see her reflection in mirrors and hear her calling your name late at night if you listened closely enough.
While I have never believed the story I find the obvious similarities to the Jamison tale very interesting. On the other hand, I do remember a few occasions when I felt sudden and overwhelming terror while walking around late at night between my cabin and the outhouse.

UPDATED 4/9/03
NOTE: The following story was posted with permission from The Jameson web site.
Maggie, a legendary lady of elegance from the 1890's, liked her third floor room so much, she never left. Of the several Maggie stories in circulation, we like the one in which she waits for her "true love" to return on the train from Back East, where he had gone after striking it rich up Burke Canyon and promising marriage upon his return. We often receive reports of her reflection in mirrors, doors in vacant rooms slamming and windows opening, old items appearing in guest rooms and unexplained voices in the night.

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  • Dawn

    Submited on: Tuesday 20th of November 2018 12:29:59 PM

    11/9/18 my girlfriend and I were heading over to Great Falls MT to go to the Live Experience with Medium Theresa Caputo. We stopped at the Jameson Inn as we were planning on staying somewhere in Walla >>
  • susan

    Submited on: Sunday 25th of March 2012 10:18:47 AM

    I worked at the Jameson i heard stories from other employees, I was not sure what to think until i had to go to the second floor and shut the lights off cause we liked to light the bulding in the evening to draw in business so i go to the thired floor shu >>
  • Michael walker Cordray

    Submited on: Sunday 25th of March 2012 05:44:13 AM

    I recently went with a friend just to see the inside of the old hotel and he told me about maggie standing on the second floor landing and whispering after slamming a door. He was sitting in the parlor outside her old ""favorite room"". My friend was sitt >>
  • Mary

    Submited on: Saturday 25th of February 2012 05:14:55 PM

    This hotel has paranormal activity! In 2008 we filmed an indy project here. The camera was fully functional + stopped working. Moments later it came back on. The piece filmed is distorted - the sound is off + again was functional at time of filming. In ad >>


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