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Is Graveley Hall haunted or just heated? By Amelia Stimpson 10/30/02NOTE: The following story was posted with permission from www.isubengal.com

The hair on your neck suddenly stands on end as a chill shoots through your body. It is as if someone is standing in the room with you but when you turn around, no one is there. A ghost story? Some say it can be felt in Graveley Hall. It may scare those who listen, and in this case all who read.

Graveley Hall was built in 1939 where it served as a women's dormitory and later was remodeled into classrooms and offices. Rumors circulate on campus that Graveley Hall may be haunted. To some, even the name is symbolic.

"Doc" Farrens, who works in maintenance, has received numerous reports over the years of people who "feel a presence" in the building or hear strange noises. Not to worry. He explains that the noises come from the steam heat that warms the building. The heat registers are cold, so when steam comes into contact with cold metal it makes noises.

"A lot of noises can usually be tracked back to something," Farrens believes. "Once people hear the noise their imaginations just run with it." According to Farrens, the fact that people have committed suicide in the building just fuels the imagination, which leads people to believe that they feel a presence.

However, there is another point of view. Lynne Shandy, a custodian who cleans Graveley, has her own stories. Shandy has never been afraid of things that we like to call "ghosts" or "spirits."

"If I were ever afraid, I probably wouldn't still be doing this job," Shandy says. She has been a janitor at ISU for seven years where she has had to deal with several experiences.

Once, she remembers being alone in a building and feeling a cold draft coming from an open window in the hall. Not only was it a mystery to her how the window became open, but after shutting and locking it, she found it open once again.

"I closed the window, and then went into the custodial closet, and when I came back out I found it open again," recounts Shandy.

This is not the only account of paranormal experiences. Another instance occurred on the third floor of Graveley, which once housed shower rooms. Shandy heard a dripping, which was strange because the water had been turned off once it was no longer a dormitory. In investigating, Shandy could see the water dripping from the shower head, yet the floor was dry.

Some events are unexplainable, such as a door holding itself open that could not otherwise occur without the assistance of a prop. To Shandy's surprise, when going into one of the labs in the basement to change a light bulb, she found herself welcomed by an opened door.

"They're friendly ghosts - too bad they don't help me clean," said Shandy.

It's like the ghost stories we tell as children; even now a part of us may still believe. So when your hair stands on end, and you no longer feel alone in the room, you may have entered Graveley Hall.

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