Sandpoint: Grouse Creek

A group of campers arrived a Grouse Creek campsite near Sandpoint, ID around 9:00pm. Immediately, Lisa and her husband felt uneasy about the location and the forest behind where they initially set up their tent. They moved the tent closer to the center of camp and it immediately started. They heard two sets of “thuds.” The noises would stop for a few seconds and then start up again. They were a concerned about the nosies since her husband, friends and her were the only campers in Grouse Creek that night. After a while, very faint female voices and chanting were heard. Lisa and her husband asked their friends if they had ever heard noises on previous camping trips and they said they heard the thuds and also rocks clanking together but they had just associated the noises to bears or other wildlife. Later that night while sleeping…Lisa and her husband heard footsteps entering and exiting the campsite. The next morning, Lisa and her husband asked if their friends had been walking around camp that night and they never left their tents. Two crows were spotted flying above their tents that morning and Lisa feels that they were a sign of spirits being present since legend has it that crows harbor spirits. All through out the day the feeling of uneasiness resumed and increased during the second night when the noises continued. Lisa and her fellow campers packed up and left around 3:00am shaken from the experience.

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  • Brooklynn

    Submited on: Tuesday 30th of October 2012 01:57:13 PM

    I think when I was there two years ago, I heard the same thing and it creeped me out badly!!!!!!! >>
  • Brooklynn

    Submited on: Friday 26th of October 2012 01:38:04 PM

    i am from sandpoint and i never knew this place was so haunted!!! but i still love sandpoint >>


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