Gooding: Hotel

There are reports that a man haunts the hotel and can be seen up in the rooms.

The owner told us about a man who tried to kill himself in this hotel but was unsuccessful so the man hung himself in another hotel in Gooding. The hotel in which the suicide took place burned down. Soon after, the hauntings began and the ghost of a man appeared. Nobody knows why he haunts this hotel. The hotel owner later did some research and discovered the name of the man was spelled wrong on his head stone and a fund was started to fix the spelling on the head stone. It is believed that the correction of the name spelled out on the head stone will stop the hauntings.

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  • Becky

    Submited on: Friday 13th of January 2012 01:59:21 AM

    We stayed there, we are both sensitive and felt nothing unusual!!! >>


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