Gooding: Gooding Cinema

The Owner told us that one day he had a dream. In this dream a lady in a white dress told him to buy a theater. The Owner then called his realtor and he found one in Gooding, ID. After entering the Theater he knew that this was the theater that the lady wanted him to purchase. After remodeling started on the theatre, some strange things began to happen.

One time his daughter was there closing the place and in the production room there were small floating orbs all around her in the air.

Although the sign says "Gooding Cinema" the locals know it at "Shubert Theater."


  • Doug Higgins

    Submited on: Sunday 13th of February 2011 01:38:19 AM

    I worked at the Schubert Theatre in Gooding cleaning after movies, selling at the concession stand, changing Marquee\'s etc. Used to have to go backstage in the dark to light up the stage area, had to spend time downstairs in the old dressing rooms, up >>


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