Filer: First Home

We'd been married just under a year, both worked for the State of Idaho, the Department of Mental Health and he was transferred to the Twin Falls area. We had both been working in Blackfoot at SHS. When he was transferred, I quit working for the State and went to work for the MVRMC, a hospital in Twin Falls. A friend we had both worked with at SHS, "Gary's" parents lived in Filer, a sort of suburb of Twin. They had a home for sale that was left to them by their best friend who'd recently died there. The friend had followed them to Idaho from California many years ago. She'd never married and had no family. So, in her will, she'd left everything she had to Gary's elderly parents. It was a small two bedroom but had been well cared for and we were just two people married for about one year. The little house with a huge yard worked great for us. We bought it. Almost immediately I became pregnant. Darn the confusion of moving and forgetting to take my pill! The second bedroom was converted from a study to a nursery. Everything went well, at first. Baby B was kept in our room for the first couple of months in a small bassinet for night feedings until she was able to sleep through the night. Once she was able to sleep through the night she was transferred to her room, the nursery. That's when the fun began. For whatever reason our "ghost" did not care for the new arrangements. Did she want Baby B back in the bedroom with us? Did she not think we were responding quick enough when Baby B began to cry? Did she not like the way we were preparing baby formula, cleaning bottles, keeping the kitchen, or what? The she ghost began open kitchen cabinets. Sometimes leaving them open and sometimes slamming them. She'd move the toaster and other kitchen appliances around on the kitchen cabinets. She'd move the chairs around the kitchen table. She also did something in the laundry room located just off the kitchen but I can't remember what it was. But she always limited her behaviors to the kitchen and laundry area. A year and a half after we'd been there, Baby Daddy was transferred by the State to Idaho Falls to open up a new program for the State of Idaho to care for mentally ill who are out-patients. We said goodbye to our ghost and haven't heard from her again.

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