Idaho Falls: Crowley House

Many people walking by have reported the sound of running water and also trees being lit up from an unknown light source (NOTE**there is no longer running water or electricity at this vacant lot). People say that his lit is haunted by a family that was murdered by the father/husband and that he can sometimes be seen roaming around.

Legend has it that if you go over the hill at dusk on a certain night you can see the kids just before you hit them.

A family lived in a house, which was located on 45th RD just at the top of a hill. By driving over the hill at a fast speed, you wouldn't have a chance to stop if something was in the road on the other side. One day around dusk the two kids that lived in the house were playing in the yard. The kids decided to cross the road and were hit by an oncoming car unable to see them. The family mourned the death of the two children but the mother never recovered from the tragic incident and about a year later killed herself. The father could not bare the burden of losing his two children and his wife and hung himself in the garage some time later.

Update: Notes (8/17/2002) On a recent trip to Idaho Falls, I visited the Crowley House and it has been destroyed! We are looking to see if anyone has a picture of the house when it was standing.


  • staci

    Submited on: Wednesday 20th of May 2009 10:43:24 AM

    was told that the father went crazy and killed his family then hung himself. then also he accidently ran over the little girl while backing up. then killed wife and son then hung self. have visited the house. got bad enery so i left. i am tryig to find ou >>
  • Sarah

    Submited on: Thursday 7th of May 2009 12:06:17 AM

    In 2001 my friends and I went to go check it out. We were skeptical and didn't expect to see anything but boy were we wrong. The house was so disheveled and we felt like someone was following us. When we went into the garage all five of us saw a man hangi >>


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