Coeur d'Alene: Senior High School

Couer d'Alene High School is reported to be haunted by n spirit that haunts the auditorium of the school right before the lights are turned out for a play. While cleaning up after a production and right before the janitors leave, a ghostly figure paces back and forth behind the last row of seats. Upon returning the next morning, the storage room doors are open and things are strewn all over the auditorium.

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  • chs grad

    Submited on: Friday 20th of July 2012 10:44:03 PM

    This is totally true i took a drama class, and it was first period, and every once in a while i would show up early and i would hear the bathrooms toilet flushing it was freaky. >>
  • Lettice

    Submited on: Saturday 21st of April 2012 09:53:15 PM

    This piece was a lifejacket that saved me from dworinng. >>


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