Boise: Boise State University Murder House

Nearly 30 years ago this house was the site of a brutal murder. It is said that a man cut up some people and dragged their mutilated body parts around the neighboring area. Bloodstains can still be found in the house. It is reported that the blinds on the front window will open and close randomly. It is also said that if you go at night, and the blinds are open in the front window, you can see a lady standing there, looking out the window.

Every populated area has it's legends and ghost stories. Ever since I moved to Boise I've heard the ghost story about the so called "Murder House". When you search for haunted places online, you undoubtedly come across an assortment of "haunted places indexes." Most of them regurgitate the same inaccurate info, alone with an eerie legend about the so called "murder house'". One of the most prevalent links is "shadowlands index of haunted places". Most, if not all of the information on this page is inaccurate. The legend is that a woman can be seen in the window at night, and blinds open and close on their own. If you read the synopsis I've written below about the actual crime that was committed, that apparition makes no sense at all. Being a believer in psychokinetic activity, I find it very likely that this house IS actually haunted. I just want people to have their facts straight before they go around repeating unfounded myths. Online indexes of haunted places have it inaccurately mapped as well. The house is actually located on the corner of Linden and Leadville. (You can't miss it, the architecture is unique, and the yard needs some serious TLC.) It's also inaccurately listed as a current frat house for BSU. The truth is far more interesting than than any frat party could get. The true story involves three main people: Daniel Rodgers, 37: Assailant. Daron Cox, 31 : Accessory Preston Murr, 21 : Victim Synopsis: The year was 1987. Daniel, Preston, and Daron were involved to some extent in the drug and gun business. Something had gone wrong and Daron and Daniel were suspicious of Preston. Earlier in the day Preston had received a threatening phone call from an unknown source. He called his pal Daniel (who later ended up shooting him in the back of the head and cutting his body into thirteen pieces) to try and figure out who might have called him. For some reason, Preston, Daron, and Daniel ended up cursing around Boise that night looking for some guns that had been stolen from Daniel but to no avail. The three of them end up back at Daniel's house, and eventually Preston gets shot in the torso. He runs out of the house crying for help, knocking on a neighbors doors, but is dragged back into the house and to his doom. The neighbor calls the cops. The police NEVER COME. Preston is dragged back down into the basement, shot in the head and hacked to pieces. His body is dumped in the snake river via Daniel's wife's brown grand prix sedan. Fisherman find the Preston's remains, which lead right back to the house on Linden and Leadville. Guns, money, and 13 pounds of weed are found in the house. I find it strange that Daniel hacked Preston into 13 pieces, and that there were 13 pounds of weed found. Just an observation . Today, Daniel and Daron are in prison for life. A family member of Daniel's lives in the house now. I've recently driven by it many times. It looks like the Adams family lives there. The back porch is rotting out, theres make shift duct tape repairs to the windows, and the lawn is going for kind of a "Jurassic" look. Interesting side note: Daniel Rogers wife had a history herself. Such a history that a 1992 TV movie was made about her. She had committed numerous armed robberies, until going straight, changing her identity, getting married and settling down as a successful real estate agent. Then, she ended up back with Rogers, at the "Murder House" in Boise. I wonder where she is now. Sources: Original news paper headline:,503562 State records: Movie data base: Expose:


  • Sam

    Submited on: Wednesday 27th of June 2012 08:46:56 PM

    I live almost right next door and though I stare at the house every time I go by and have heard all the stories, there are people living there and I have never seen anything weird. It does have a strange but intriguing presence that forces you to stare th >>
  • Val

    Submited on: Thursday 31st of May 2012 10:16:14 AM

    I had a friend who lived in that house years ago, and while it is creepy and a bit run down, we didn't have any weird experiences. There are some questionable stains on the walls, but I'm sure people have been partying there for a long time and that could >>
  • Kylee

    Submited on: Wednesday 14th of March 2012 06:13:39 PM

    I've heard of the murder house a lot of times, and I believe the stories to be true. I haven't investigated because I don't want to be scared to be living down next to it. >>
  • Dave

    Submited on: Friday 6th of January 2012 10:07:13 PM

    Is there anyone who has a contact to investigate the Murder House? >>
  • Dinah

    Submited on: Wednesday 21st of September 2011 09:02:01 PM

    In my communications class (room 226) Prof. Robideaux told us today that her classroom is supposedly haunted...the comm bldg used to be the SUB and our classroom was the ballroom, where a girl hung herself from the rafters after being stood up by her date >>
  • Jen

    Submited on: Sunday 11th of July 2010 09:54:46 PM

    The murder did happen but people live there now and the fact about blood still being visible and such are incorrect.. >>
  • Cathy Spencer

    Submited on: Saturday 8th of May 2010 10:00:10 PM

    It is NOT a lie!!! My sister lived in Boise when this happened! Also, I drove a good friend home from work one night and I noticed this big, old two-story home on a corner of Linder. It was the eeriest looking house I had ever seen. I commented to my frie >>
  • matt

    Submited on: Friday 14th of November 2008 02:43:53 PM



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