Roberts: Bj Bayou

This hotel was built in 1892. It is believed (but not confirmed) that train robbers stayed the night at the hotel before or after robbing passing by trains. Many sightings of ghosts and ghostly figures have been seen from the bar room. Most people notice the ghosts in the reflections of some mirrors hanging behind the bar. One story states that a ghost confronted the owner as she was walking down the hall. He appeared in front of her and would not let her pass. After a few minutes, the ghost vanished and she was allowed to pass. A visitor of the hotel says that while he was eating lunch with his family and one of the owners, they started to hear footsteps upstairs. No one else was in the building at this time. When they went to investigate to see if someone broke in they found nobody. At times a blonde soldier can be seen walking the balcony of the bar. He is dressed in an outfit that looks to be pre World War II. Another ghost seen is a chinaman. He mostly looks through the upstairs windows. It is said that the chinaman was a cook or laundry man that was murdered, put into a trunk dragged down the stairs to a coach and was never seen again. The sounds of a trunk down the stairs can still be heard at times. Another story is of a woman dressed in blue that does unspecified acts in the restroom. The men that were a part of these unspecified acts would not tell the owners what happened and have never returned. It is rumored that these men were spousal abusers and it is assumed that these "unspecified" acts were violent and not sexual. During the month of June a man dressed in black western wear comes through a door. The man then walks down the hall and is not seen until he comes through the door again. Two women, a blonde and a brunette, bake bread and cookies in the kitchen while children run around. They never leave anything behind but you can smell the bread and cookies while they are baking. One of the ghosts, a brunette woman wearing a gingham skirt, made contact and has spoken to the eldest daughter of the property owner. Many other ghostly figures can be seen and heard. There is a ghost the size of a child that walks around the hostess station. Children run back and forth on the balcony. One of them is a boy that comes out of a room crying shortly after a girl says "mommas not here right now, lets go." This happens around 2:30 am mostly in winter. Many of the other ghostly figures have stole or moved items out of the recently remodeled restaurant. They seemed to do this because they had a problem with the building being rebuilt. It seems like they felt that someone was tearing down their home. During the time that the owners started to turn the hotel into a restaurant. One of the ghosts, a man, hated the wine glasses that they had first started with. The man broke these constantly. They had went through 2 cases of these glasses before they purchased new ones. After that, they the man didn't brake anymore glasses. Some of the sounds heard include the bar doors slamming late at night when no one is around, the radio also comes on out of nowhere when no one has touched it. Voices of a woman and a man can be heard singing but not together. Pans are knocked off of the walls that are hanging on nails. If they are picked before they are done, they will nock them off again. In the other part of the building, which is the owner’s house, footsteps can be heard on the hardwood floor in the house even though the floor has been carpeted. Ghosts move the furniture in the kitchen which causes the owner's dog to bark. Most other people want to do a séance but the owners don’t feel that they want to because the ghost don’t do much harm. They fear that there would be more of a problem then it would help. The owners also feel this would cause the ghost to turn at them from experience, they had to deal with a ghost named Sam that went after the owners eldest daughter. They had to have the building blessed. Overall most sightings are around 2:00 AM and happen during colder times.

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