Franklin: Bear River Massacre

In the winter time one can see footprints in the snow and hear babies crying in the field.

A brief history of The Bear River Massacre The brief history was compiled from Civil War Idaho, and Utah history sites. For more information search for Bear River Massacre on any search engine.

The Bear River Massacre, also known as The Massacre at Boa Ogoi(the Shoshoni name), occurred on January 29, 1863 near present day Preston, Idaho.

According to some sources, the massacre stemmed from Shoshoni raids during the winter of 1862-63. Colonel Patrick Edward Connor and about 200 California Volunteers set out from Fort Douglas, Utah on a 120 mile trek through deep snow to retaliate. Shortly after dawn on January 29, Connor's troops appeared across the river and began crossing. Before all of the men had crossed and Connor had arrived, some troops made an unsuccessful frontal attack which led to numerous Volunteer casualties. When Connor took control, he sent troops to where the ravine emerged through the cliffs. Some men covered the mouth of the ravine to prevent any escape while others moved down the rims, firing on the Indians below. This crossfire killed many of the warriors. Some attempted to escape by swimming the icy river where troops shot them. The battle ended by mid-morning leaving 384 of the 450 Shoshoni Indians and 67 Volunteers dead.

Of the 384 Shoshoni Indians killed approximately 90 of these were women and children


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    I'm a medium from Utah. My husband and I love the ATV trails of the Cache National Forest. I usually don't have problems sleeping in our camp trailer, but stayed at a camp on the Cub River which runs through Preston and experienced more spirits in one n >>
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    you guys r waaaaay off. riverdale was used as a wintering ground by the tribes because of the natural hot springs. chk your historical facts please on what went down with the tragedy. There are many things in this valley and footprints in the snow which i >>


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