Salmon: Armstead Ghost

When I bought it, it had been empty for several years and had a reputation of being haunted. I figured that was just stories....and most was just kids tales. The first night in the house we knew something was there. It wasn't scary. It felt like we were just observed. Very non-threatening. I have lived here 14 years now. I have seen the Ghost three times and several other people have also seen or heard him over the years. He is not here all the time...Like he only comes to check up on the building. The first few years he was here alot...but as the house had been kept up, he seems to not need to visit as often. I found a name written on a piece of molding one day...after a sighting. The name is "Joe". I believe the Ghost, was the "caretaker" of the gallery. Or somehow felt a responsibility towards the safe keeping of the building. "Joe" as I call or was a big man. His was well over 6 foot tall, his boots look to be at least a size 13. He was wearing a red plaid shirt and dark green work pants. The last time I saw him was about 6 mounts ago. We kind of miss him...but we hope he is at peace knowing that his house is well taken care of and loved.

Years ago there was a town called Armstead, nearby Dillon Mt. In the early 60's the buildings and houses were moved to make way for the Clarke Reservoir. I don't know where the cemetery was or if it was moved as well. One building, an art gallery, was built by a private party in the 40's or 50's. The building was moved to Salmon over the Lemhi pass in 1963. After several temporary sites it eventually was placed on a daylight basement foundation and converted into a home.


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    do you know anything about the salmon hotel? I went there and i heard and saw frightening things, but only the upstairs was haunted. >>


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