Jefferson: Annis Little Butte Cemetery

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First, the thing that I have seen on multiple occasions is the vague outline of people that dart back and forth behind trees and stones. We spotted one summer of 2011 and watched it for a while, trying to call it out towards us. That was a big mistake, to say the least. Whatever it was ran towards us making a lot of noise and its shape became clearer. Shadow figures we call "People" will often times poke their heads out and grab a look at you then poke back behind. Sounds of walking and talking are fairly common. Kids are often around; I've heard little kids laughing and the sounds of little kids playing, usually near the front of the place since there are a lot of children graves. This has only happened maybe once or twice since I started going there in the past 5 or so years.

The worst thing that wanders around there is something that we usually refer to as "it", It is my strong belief that whatever "it" is not human in origin. I mean the feeling of fear and stress that comes on when it comes around is something that I have never felt from a person. It is about 7 feet tall, and it’s usually just a black shadow figure, that seems to have a hood or some kind of hat. A group of two of us one night was hanging around one night, we walked up the road towards the shed in the back of the lot, and we saw it standing next to the building. As we were walking back down the road the typical shadow people about 5 or 6, were lined up next to the road. Just staring and it was walking slowly down the road behind us. We were in there for maybe 5 minutes when it showed up and one of our friends because so distressed that we had to leave.

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    Night travelers going East on the Menan Lorenzo highway where is crosses the Annis Butte have reported seeing what looks like a very old wrinkled (Indian?) sitting in the center of the right hand lane >>


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