Pocatello: Ammon Park

It is been said that dusk to late at night that you can see that spirit of a girl that wonders the park. Although no history has been done legend has it that the girl was murdered in the park long ago.

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  • Sierra

    Submited on: Tuesday 15th of August 2017 12:11:21 PM

    It was late one night, i was with my Bestfriend and we were basically on a double date. We all decidee to walk to Ammon park, the two boys were swinging and her and i were laying in the grass. When we >>
  • Unknown

    Submited on: Sunday 28th of February 2016 01:13:49 AM

    I live across the street (literally) from Ammon park and grew up playing at this park. Not once have I seen any ghost or spirit. It's all in the mind. You read these stories then they play tricks on >>
  • Keeley Nicholas Laura Harmon Naomi Hewett

    Submited on: Saturday 7th of March 2015 04:10:11 PM

    We w >>
  • Anonyomous

    Submited on: Sunday 27th of October 2013 01:14:33 PM

    I was at the park last night around midnight on october 26,2013. The little girl was in the park. She did not swing however she was standing between the two middle swings pulling and twisting on them. >>
  • logan

    Submited on: Tuesday 6th of November 2012 07:46:41 PM

    some of my moms friends daughters were at the part a few days ago and go a picture of the girl its legit and all i live right down the road from the park and i go their at random all the time and its a trip >>
  • IdahoHauntings

    Submited on: Monday 5th of November 2012 11:05:52 AM

    McKay Can you e-mail me [email protected] would like to get more info on the photo. Chris Elder >>
  • Mckay

    Submited on: Monday 5th of November 2012 01:35:42 AM

    this is at ammon park, look to the right of the picture, you'll see a girl/ghost https://twitter.com/huntronly/status/264610281404116992/photo/1/large >>
  • john

    Submited on: Wednesday 17th of October 2012 10:51:24 PM

    i'm curious about this comment....Dont go to this park near 8-12 pm This is worste time to go serious... This is Michael 2011. why is that such a bad time to go? what was seen or heard? why would you feel that way? Was something other than her seen or h >>
  • the awrsomest person ever dumbass

    Submited on: Monday 21st of May 2012 03:46:08 PM

    when i was there my friends where swinging on the swing i told them to come back but to stop the swings completely... on their way back the swings started swing one was going rapidly and the the other three where going slow... my friends ran back to the >>
  • Brooke

    Submited on: Thursday 3rd of May 2012 07:16:17 PM

    My dad and stepmom had a creepy experience there.They read some stories about the park and decided to go there after work which was around 1:00 in the morning.My stepmom had her phone recording the whole time they were walking around the park.They had an >>


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small image

Picture 01

Photo of swing set and surrounding area.
small image

Picture 02

Close up of swing set and surrounding area.

Video 01

Video of where the swing is moving just on its own. it was a calm day.
Ammon park ghosts photo

Submitted Photo 1

Shows two girls swinging late at night and a ghost in the photo, this was reaserched to be fake uing some phone app that inserts ghosts into your photo.
Ammon park ghost photo brightened

Submitted Photo 1 Lighter

Lightened up copy of the above photo that Shows two girls swinging late at night and a ghost in the photo, this was reaserched to be fake uing some phone app that inserts ghosts into your photo.
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