Ammon: Ammon Cemetery

It is said that a ghost of a little girl haunts a tree near her grave in the cemetery. The little girl reportedly sits in the tree and waves to passers-by.

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  • sabra b

    Submited on: Tuesday 9th of October 2018 04:24:00 PM

    So i read this store about this cemetery here in ammon. I have always loved the paranormal stuff , so me and my family decided to go driving out to some scary sites that night. we got their and stoppe >>
  • Nightmare

    Submited on: Wednesday 6th of June 2012 07:23:45 PM

    Please don't put down people on what they say it is their opinion on their beliefs. Carolynn thank you for your insight on the situation every story is appreciated! >>
  • combe556

    Submited on: Monday 20th of February 2012 05:08:26 PM

    I went up ther with my homeboys gio, alex,hunter,and ivan and it was really foggy and hard to see we sat outside the gates for about 20 minutes cause the gates were locked. we all heard some weird things and 2 of my friends were freaking out bad saying th >>
  • Carolynn

    Submited on: Monday 20th of February 2012 01:06:55 AM

    Everytime I visit this cemetery I get either an anxiety attack or a seizure. Theres been times where sliding handprints show up on the fog of the car windows. I can always sense gender, and location of a spirit. I recently bought a blessed amythist and we >>
  • janice

    Submited on: Sunday 19th of February 2012 11:09:21 PM

    no she was a 4 year old who drowned, her tree has been chopped down,me and my son went there and took pictures at midnight and several of the pics had a strange white wispy shape going through them >>
  • Submitted by:

    Submited on: Friday 2nd of December 2011 08:00:17 PM

    i went up there once but never experienced anything. one time we drove buy it at night. my sister said she saw a black like figure. i got chills all over. alson one time me and my friends went to a place called ""the haunted pools"" up in the hills somewh >>
  • Starr

    Submited on: Sunday 5th of June 2011 12:53:22 AM

    I went to the Ammon Cemetery today, and checked out the so called grave of Susan Marie Gullixson. I found it and took pictures of it. She was not 10 years old. She was born March 30, 1959 and died April 24, 1999. That would make her 40 years old, not 10. >>
  • Natalie Huber

    Submited on: Monday 26th of April 2010 05:16:23 PM

    I went to the grave and saw the climbing tree. A girl named Susan Marie Gulkstein was buried there and she was ten years old. >>

    Submited on: Tuesday 20th of April 2010 08:29:10 PM

    I am with the South Eastern Idaho Paranormal Society. For a fun outing we contacted the cemetery and asked to investigate these claims. The groundskeeper had never had an experience there, by the way. Stories about the Ammon Cemetery state ""Legend has it >>
  • me

    Submited on: Thursday 15th of April 2010 01:32:42 PM

    I took my daughter up there one evening around dusk because I have a friend that is buried there. She was out of the truck looking at the headstones while I was at my friend's grave. She thought she saw a deer like we have many times before while we were >>


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