Blackfoot: 48 Fisher AVE

I lived at 48 South Fisher, in Blackfoot, Idaho. Actually, I grew up in that house. In the early 60's one of my brothers had decided to establish the basement as his bedroom. It was not many days after that when he came up one morning terrified and had a horrific story to tell us. During the night he swore that a ghost had appeared to him and tried to pull him out of bed. He grabbed his hair in an effort to drag him up the stairs. We laughed at his story and thought it was just a crazy nightmare. He refused to stay there anymore. One of my other brothers was so incredulous that he volunteered to stay in the same room. Nothing happened the first night nor the second. Our speculation appeared to be correct: it was just a nightmare. But a few days later, my second brother also came up in the morning to tell us a horrific tale. It was a carbon copy of my other brother's story. He also refused to sleep in the basement anymore. After the second incident, nobody in my family ever slept there again. Nobody dared go down to that musty room again! We did use it for storage, and I swear I got a cold chill whenever I had to go there for anything. I have no idea if it is still haunted or if anybody sleeps there. It would be interesting to find out!

I neglected to mention that somebody had actually died in the house before we moved in. Our neighbors told us that a young boy died in an upstairs room. Strangely enough, it was the room I slept in, BUT I was the only brother who never saw the ghost!!

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  • Fisher neighbor hood

    Submited on: Tuesday 23rd of November 2010 05:57:45 PM

    This story is true but it does get better.. There is a child and a women that seem to haunt this house. The women was upset when she found out of all the remodeling of the house was going on. And Mr. Alvarez's father opening a portal to hell when he dug a >>
  • Kara with SEIPS

    Submited on: Tuesday 20th of April 2010 08:05:16 PM

    Hello, I am with the South Eastern Idaho Paranormal Society. I found this haunted story while researching the downtown Blackfoot area. We are especially interested in the section from Broadway to Francis (encompassing State Hospital South) and south to Ju >>
  • Bradley Christiansen jr

    Submited on: Wednesday 11th of November 2009 08:00:35 PM

    my uncle lives in this house now.My little cousin about 7 years old said he woke up during the night saying his cars came on during the night driving around he told us about it and we didnt believe any of it.The next day my uncle and aunt were on the comp >>
  • Hayden Sutton

    Submited on: Tuesday 29th of September 2009 01:41:09 AM

    my uncle and aunt live in that house and they haven't seen any thing but im thinking they will. My grandma lives next door to them and i think her house is more haunted then there house cause i have heared things like banging on the walls and just crazy s >>
  • Ray

    Submited on: Friday 4th of September 2009 05:06:51 AM

    I have been in that house back in the late 70s, a boyhood friend of mine was living there and I went down into the basement and it had an eerie, weird spooky feeling to it? My friend and his brothers did not like it down there either. The people who are r >>
  • Randy

    Submited on: Sunday 24th of May 2009 04:30:28 PM

    I live on fisher in Blackfoot, Idaho. >>


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