Blackfoot: 48 Fisher AVE

I lived at 48 South Fisher, in Blackfoot, Idaho. Actually, I grew up in that house. In the early 60's one of my brothers had decided to establish the basement as his bedroom. It was not many days after that when he came up one morning terrified and had a horrific story to tell us. During the night he swore that a ghost had appeared to him and tried to pull him out of bed. He grabbed his hair in an effort to drag him up the stairs. We laughed at his story and thought it was just a crazy nightmare. He refused to stay there anymore. One of my other brothers was so incredulous that he volunteered to stay in the same room. Nothing happened the first night nor the second. Our speculation appeared to be correct: it was just a nightmare. But a few days later, my second brother also came up in the morning to tell us a horrific tale. It was a carbon copy of my other brother's story. He also refused to sleep in the basement anymore. After the second incident, nobody in my family ever slept there again. Nobody dared go down to that musty room again! We did use it for storage, and I swear I got a cold chill whenever I had to go there for anything. I have no idea if it is still haunted or if anybody sleeps there. It would be interesting to find out!

I neglected to mention that somebody had actually died in the house before we moved in. Our neighbors told us that a young boy died in an upstairs room. Strangely enough, it was the room I slept in, BUT I was the only brother who never saw the ghost!!

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  • Rachel Dugger

    Submited on: Sunday 31st of December 2017 02:28:33 PM

    In 1999 or 2000, when I was a student at Moscow High, I was waiting with the other choir students for class to begin when we heard a girl singing in the small practice room, which is enclosed and isol >>
  • Michael

    Submited on: Thursday 2nd of May 2013 01:29:22 PM

    My father is with the Blackfoot Police and he looked into, no one died in that house, people confirming it are just going along with the story. Get more facts. >>
  • shirley

    Submited on: Saturday 19th of January 2013 12:37:42 PM

    Ive been iln that graveyard before. Probly wont ever do that agian. Nothing really happened but theres no entrance, its actually closed off and says no trespassing. We had to climbthe fence to get in and out, and when we left, I dont think.i could ever cl >>
  • AS

    Submited on: Friday 2nd of November 2012 11:58:07 PM

    I lived on east pacific, in the ""witches house"" for ten years, and let me tell you that house will make a believer out of you BJ is quite an active apparition! We had many many things happen and many witnesses to the activity. I even caught some evp's a >>
  • lee

    Submited on: Tuesday 24th of July 2012 04:35:22 PM

    I lived at 48 1/2 S fisher and always seen shadows and i always felt like something was watching me. the house was a small 1 bedroom i think behind 48 s fisher, it was in the alley. good thing i moved out :) >>
  • kia

    Submited on: Sunday 6th of November 2011 01:48:16 AM

    iwonder if this is the same huse my friend lived in but it had a bit of a different story. apparently he mother instantly fell in love with this house and got it real cheap because of it's history. the owner said that about sixy years before, a little boy >>
  • Michelle

    Submited on: Friday 4th of November 2011 12:25:27 PM

    Lacey, there's no cause to be alarmed or scared. Even if there are spirits around remind yourself they were just people. Demonic problems are a LOT more rare than television & movies would have you think. I've lived in Blackfoot nearly my entire life. I'v >>
  • lacey

    Submited on: Tuesday 18th of October 2011 04:26:13 AM

    omg you guys scaring the heck of me.. I live right by there. Whhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am too scared to go outside now. Did they burn sage? >>
  • WC

    Submited on: Sunday 2nd of October 2011 05:11:24 PM

    Hello, I live right near Broadway and Francis. There are 4 brick homes where. Which are you interested in, I bet we can ask if anyone had any creepy experiences around here? Also, we have not had any experiences, but our basement feels creepy, however, th >>
  • Kyler Michaelson

    Submited on: Friday 22nd of July 2011 04:13:43 AM

    I lived in that house for a little less than a year. I would not set foot in the garage with the pit because it was too creepy. I always felt like the house was haunted and all of my friends felt it too. None of us had ever heard of the history there unti >>


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