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  • Hansen: Stricker Ranch

    Submitted by: Tanner

    I went to Stricker's ranch last year with some friends as a joking follow-up trip since my school takes a trip there in the 5th grade, and we remembered the "hauntings" the tour told us abo>>
  • Pocatello: High School

    Submitted by: Hannah

    My friend claims that her house is haunted. When they first moved in, she and her dad were clearing out some boxes in the basement left by the previous residents. Inside one box, she says that she fou>>
  • Pocatello: Ammon Park

    Submitted by: Keeley Nicholas Laura Harmon Naomi Hewett

    We w>>
  • Boise: Night Moves Gentlemans Club

    Submitted by: Alex Hepler

    I was a DJ at Night Moves for about one and a half years when it first opened. I was close friends with the managers for a couple years following. I spent many nights there after hours until the wee h>>
  • Meridian: Kit Kat Klub

    Submitted by: Katherine

    my experience is its haunted church in Kimberly which is i>>

Latest News:

  • Nov 03, 2014

    Old Idaho Penitentiary

    New photo submitted to the site to the location Boise: Old Idaho Penitentiary.>>
  • Feb 23, 2014

    New Location Added

    New location has been added Moscow: High School. You can vie>>
  • Feb 19, 2014


    We went on our first investigation in a long time. It was a lady that was in distress and wanted help right away. The latest event was the entity pulling the girl under the bed. The daughter that was >>
  • Jun 02, 2013

    Idaho Hauntings new format

    I just launched the new site design for Idaho Hauntings. Hope you fine the new site fantastic.>>
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