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  • Emmett: Emmett Middle School

    Submitted by: braxton

    at the school i hear noises like a baby crying from the vents>>
  • Emmett: Emmett Middle School

    Submitted by: braxton

    at school i always hear noises in the bathroom and the halls and today i heard locker>>
  • Emmett: Emmett Middle School

    Submitted by: Julien

    my time here is bad when im in the bathroom alone i feel like im not alone like someone is behind me. there was this time where me and my friends went into the boiler room and we felt like a strong pa>>
  • Blackfoot: 48 Fisher AVE

    Submitted by: Rachel Dugger

    In 1999 or 2000, when I was a student at Moscow High, I was waiting with the other choir students for class to begin when we heard a girl singing in the small practice room, which is enclosed and isol>>
  • Pocatello: High School

    Submitted by: Anonymous

    I don't personally believe in hauntings. I do believe in spirits that are around us tho. Anyway it was my sophomore year and my tennis team was getting back from a match that was a few hours away. So>>

Latest News:

  • Nov 03, 2014

    Old Idaho Penitentiary

    New photo submitted to the site to the location Boise: Old Idaho Penitentiary.>>
  • Feb 23, 2014

    New Location Added

    New location has been added Moscow: High School. You can vie>>
  • Feb 19, 2014


    We went on our first investigation in a long time. It was a lady that was in distress and wanted help right away. The latest event was the entity pulling the girl under the bed. The daughter that was >>
  • Jun 02, 2013

    Idaho Hauntings new format

    I just launched the new site design for Idaho Hauntings. Hope you fine the new site fantastic.>>
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